You gotta ask yourself right now…”What is gonna make a difference in my day today?”

“What am I gonna do FOR ME right now…thats going to make me feel good for the whole day?”

“How am I going to start this Sunday off and accomplish something that I’m proud of, and I can tell my work buddies about on Monday?”

EASY!  I’ve got your answer…

  • Get your swag on, load your gym bag, wash your water bottle out
  • Make your coffee (maybe this should be first)
  • Load a little pre-WOD into the system
  • Get into your Jetta, jam on some tunes
  • Drive to the Church of Functional Fitness because your have an appointment with Reverend Brock Brown to expunge your Saturday sins.

Session #1 begins at 9:00am


Followed immediately after at 10:00 by…


Incredible Hulk – 20 minute AMRAP 115/75

5 Deadlifts

5 Hang Power Clean

5 Front Squats

5 Push Press

5 Back Squats



Now when someone asks you how your weekend was you will have an answer other than “nothin much, how ’bout you”.  You can say, without lying…”I went to church, Olympic Lifting, and did The Incredible Hulk all before noon on Sunday, how ’bout you?” (mic drop and walk)

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