Whaaaaat?  This is CrossFit! We don’t give you choices!  Until NOW!

Its an active recovery day…on active recovery days we tell you to go out and do what you like to do.  That doesn’t include sitting on a patio having a few glasses of wine…not active,  and leads to the next day being the recovery day.  So here it is…Athlete’s Choice…we’ll give you some options…and you, the athlete decide what is best for you on YOUR active recovery day.  We’ll stay within the guidelines…body weight, short time frame, medium to high intensity.

Pick any of the following choices.

With a 20 minute cap

A. RUN 3.2km – thats four times around the building

B. ROW 5.0km – under 20 minutes would be a great time

C. ASSAULT BIKE 10k – you’ll have to ride like ET is in your basket.  No Mary Poppins riding here

D. 400m Walking LUNGES – knees to the ground, no lunging, walk a couple, lunge…its lunge, lunge, lunge, lunge


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